Let's meet at my office - The Lavender Snug.  Tell me your story and about yourselves, share plans and ideas, and get some inspiration to help you plan your ceremony.  Legal requirements and an outline of the whole process will be explained. Together we can devise a meaningful ceremony, or I can devise one for you to reflect your wishes.  Your individual personalities will shine through, alongside your vision for your future life together.  You will be able to relax as I support you up to the big day

At the first meeting we can fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage form, the first legal step to becoming a married couple in Australia. You then lodge that with me. Then the fun begins, as your story begins to unfurl, and we laugh and rejoice at the events that led to this moment. You are encouraged to share just the right amount of detail that you want, and to include music, readings, fun stories, little rituals and words of love. Whatever you like, and I may even have some welcome suggestions to add to your vision

Subsequent meetings will help us expand on the story, deal with any changes in plans and talk things over. We can fill in details and clarify the content so far. You will be continually updated with the wording for your approval. There will be no unwelcome surprises on the day.

A rehearsal is an integral part of the process and is reassuring for the Wedding Party. Any glitches can be worked out and roles practiced to perfection. The Declaration of No Legal Impediment form is filled in at this time, to satisfy the legal requirement that you are legally able to marry one another. This can occur the day before, or even the week before

On the day,  the ceremony will be conducted by me and I will ensure it runs promptly and smoothly and that you are happy with the arrangements. My brilliant PA system will ensure that everyone can hear and feel part of your Big Day. We will participate in the legal requirements to satisfy the fulfillment of the Australian law, The Marriage Act of 1961. This means me reading the "Monitum" and you reading your marriage vows, Signing of register and Marriage Certificate. You need two witnesses to your signatures, aged over 18 years. Your job is to relax and enjoy yourselves being reassured that it is being taken of by a friendly professional

Following the ceremony, you continue with your celebration, and I proceed to send all your paperwork to the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages in the state in which you married. I can also lodge your application for your official Marriage Certificate that you will require for name change or paperwork pertaining to visas for Australian or overseas arrangements

Finally you begin the journey of life together as a married couple, now the next chapter of your lives begins.......