Grief and celebration and are central to that moment when you honour the end of life's journey. Words of comfort and remembrance help to make sense of this sad time. When someone dies, the funeral ceremony or memorial can be very helpful as part of your grieving as well as being a celebration of the life of that person. We all have different ways of saying goodbye. It is an honour to conduct such a ceremony and to help you mark the passing of someone special

There is usually only a short time in which to prepare, so it is good to be in the hands of a professional Celebrant. A carefully and thoughtfully crafted ceremony will help take some of the pressure off you at this busy and emotional time. Marian Lemise Celebrant will gently guide you with choice of readings, music and poetry. Her expert advice and knowledge of the funeral process will reassure you as she prepares poignant and beautiful words to honour your loved one

Marian Lemise Celebrant will speak to you and respectfully gather information towards devising the ceremony. She will attend the ceremony and ensure a smoothly run event, whether it be at a crematorium, graveside or any place that was special to you. A unique service is prepared to include eulogies, readings, songs or hymns and any rituals you choose including images and music. Feel confident that your needs are being catered for and that all participants feel included in a specially orchestrated ceremony