Animal Capers


“I really want Pepper to be included in our wedding ceremony, please will you help me achieve that?”

Pepper is a family member, and an integral part of your relationship, so a great idea, and totally possible! Just requires a bit of planning and thinking about what you really want. Is Pepper going to be dressed up? Is Pepper going to be a ring bearer? Or did you just want her included in a symbolic way?

If actually attending the wedding – things to think about:            

Firstly make sure the venue is OK with dogs, and if not, your celebrant may advocate for you

Have a designated dog minder, to keep Pepper out of mischief, feed her chews and keep her busy

Avoid real rings for her to hold, unless very reliable

Unless on a lead, keep the action in an enclosed area

Have a place to take her if she's restless, or if nature calls

Include Pepper in the wedding program and the photos

If it is too difficult to have your pet actually present, then you might like to mention them in the ceremony, and/or acknowledge them in the wedding program. You may even like to include a photo on a family photo table

Lastly, for all animal lovers, instead of wedding favours, make a donation to a local animal charity, Make it relevant, for example, cat lovers may choose Little Paws....

You can add a little blurb about the charity with a photo of your pet on the program, in the ceremony or for each place at the ceremony or reception. The possibilities are endless for honouring animals at your wedding. WOOF! WOOF!